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ABADI Dust Control Mat Services
Dust Control Mats play an essential role in the furnishing of buildings. When placed at
strategic entrances to buildings, lifts, and washrooms, these Mats trap dust and moisture, and
therefore reduce the subsequent soiling of carpets and floor surfaces.

From studies carried out on the transfer of foreign material indoors into buildings, it has been
shown that 70% of the dust is brought in by visitors to the buildings. With the Dust Control Mat,
94% of the dirt is trapped before it goes any further than the threshold.
Other benefits of using the Dust Control Mats include:

  • creating a good first impression at the reception area, and a general impression of your company.

  • creating a safe working environment with slip-free floor surfaces and reduce your exposure to legal action.

  • reducing the daily cleaning time of floor surfaces – by upwards to 60%.

  • extending the life of floor coverings by up to three times by reducing the abrasion caused by grit between the floor and shoes.
    if low dust levels are a necessity in your business, the Dust Control Mat is a useful accessory furnishing.

  • A maintenance service is provided through the rental and service of the Dust Control Mats. The soiled Mat/s will be exchanged with
    laundered mats on a regular basis.
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