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Abadi Pest Management Services (APMS)
Introduction to Abadi Hygiene Pest Management Services

Abadi Hygiene Services is committed to provide pest management services to all food manufacturing/handling and pharmaceutical
establishments who operate in an environment of high standard of hygiene and sanitation. This is achieved with us working in partnership
with each client in complying with the process control system called “Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point” or HACCP.

Abadi’s approach will be based on an “Integrated Pest Management” (IPM) system that combines management resources and strategies
aimed at eliminating pest problems by focusing on inspection and non-toxic methods, thereby minimizing the dependency on pesticides.

Basically two types of control measures will be employed when implementing the IPM system.

1. Physical Control
  • Exclusion – which physically prevents the pest from getting in by proofing.
  • Restriction – which means improving housekeeping and sanitation practices so as to eliminate all food, water and harbourages from
    the pest.
  • Removal – which means mechanically removing the pest through carrying away, trapping or physically vacuuming.

2. Chemical Control
  • The use of pesticides should be the last control measure to be considered when developing the IPM programme.
  • The choice of which pesticide to use and how it is to be applied will depend on the situation.
Scope of work

  1. Initially a thorough and comprehensive pest control survey will be conducted to the whole premise.
  2. The survey report will identify any existing signs of pest infestation and will also include observations and comments on the general
    state of sanitation, housekeeping and potential entry points for the pests.
  3. A layout plan of the premise together with all our proposed pest control services will also be presented.
  4. A yearly pest control schedule will also be proposed and presented.
  5. A monthly trend analysis reports for rodent control, flying insects control etc will also be included.
  6. Abadi Hygiene Services will provide all supporting documents such as MSDS, businesses licences, service reports, technical training
    certificates (PAL/APAL), insurance policies etc.
  7. A “Quality Assurance Report” will be conducted by our trained and qualified field biologist on a quarterly basis.
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