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Gasket Sealants
Silcoset 152 RTV Silicone Sealant ( acetoxy )
Silcoset 152 RTV Silicone Sealant
Silcoset 152 – A ready-to-use adhesive sealant paste that cures on exposure to air to a resilient silicone elastomer. It offers
the properties of ease of application, excellent adhesion, durability, versatility and
good electrical properties.  Silcoset 152  has been recognised  for applications in every type of industry.

Key Features :
* Good Electrical Insulation. * Resistance to ageing, weathering, ozone and corona; oxidation and many oils, chemicals and
solvents. * Excellent bonding to a wide range of substrates. * Excellent flexibility from -60°C to +300°C.

Silcoset silicone RTV's have been widely used in the aerospace industry. These Acetoxy based silicone RTV's were some
of the first to be developed for very high specification applications. Silcoset is now manufactured by ACC Silicones.

Rolls Royce Aerospace has been specifying their use in their aero engines for many years, attributed to their ability to
withstand temperatures ( - 60ºC to +300ºC ).

Agency Approvals / Listing for this product :
1. MOD
Answer to Extreme Conditions for Sealing and Gasketing : Copaltite
Many field engineers or technicians, machine builders, etc  would love to hear this. According to the statement claimed, the
product performance surely helps to solve  lots of  problems which many others fail :


For sealing threads, flanges, and other fittings, to be used at high temperatures and pressures.


Temperature Range From - 315 to 1500 Degrees Fahrenheit
Used Successfully on:
Steam joints at 2000psi-1200 degrees F
Flanges without gaskets up to 6500psi
Threaded joints holding 10,000psi
Some write-up from  the company :

COPALTITE is a heat-resistant compound used for sealing
threads, flanges, and other fittings where very high
temperatures and pressures are involved. COPALTITE is
especially effective in the temperature range of 315 degrees
to 1500 degrees fahrenheit. For example, after heating the
area to be sealed for 15 minutes at 300 degrees fahrenheit
the COPALTITE cures into an extremely heat and chemically
resistant sealant. Its immunity to vibration, thermal shock,
and chemicals is matchless. Although the seal is permanent,
it may be broken when required.  

Loctite Aviation Gasket Sealant
Loctite Aviation Gasket Sealant
LOCTITE   Aviation Gasket Sealant ( 30517, 30518 ) -- A
dark reddish brown, viscous liquid with a characteristic
alcoholic odor. It is a slow drying liquid that changes to a
pliable, tacky film through solvent evaporation. It seals close
fitting parts, machined  surfaces and threaded connections
in industrial, aircraft, and marine applications.
  • For close tolerance flanges
  • Slow drying
  • Flexible setting

  • Solid gasket dressing
  • Close fitting machined surfaces
  • Threaded connections
  • Aviation engines ( approved )
  • Marine engines

Agency Approvals / Listings for this product :

  • Canadian Food Inspection Agency ( CFIA )
Gasket Compound
CRC 401612
CRC 401612  Copper-Coat Gasket Compound

Product Description

High temperature, high quality aerosol metallic gasket
sealer. Prevents compression loss on premium gaskets.
Ideal for head and intake gaskets.

Automatic transmissions, cover plates, diesel heads, high
compression engines, hi-speed turbine superchargers,
hydraulic pumps.
Loctite Gasket Dressing 30515
Loctite Gasket Dressing 30515

Loctite 30515  Gasket Sealant No 2 -- A  reliable, paste-like
gasket sealant, dressing, and coating. Sets more slowly to a
pliable film best suited for non-rigid, vibrating assemblies.
Use to 400°F. Resistant to gasoline and other solvents.
Loctite Gasket Eliminator Flange Sealant ( Anaerobic Adhesive )
Loctite Gasket Eliminator 510
" Loctite Gasket Eliminator 510 "

Loctite 510 Gasket Eliminator Flange Sealant ( 30972 )  has
a temperature range to 400°F ( 204 degC ) with excellent
solvent and chemical resistance. Makes or dresses gaskets
in rigid assemblies. Eliminates gasket compression set.
The yellow substance shown in the picture indicates that the
anaerobic gasket sealant polymerized to form a solid
thermoplastic which bond the two flanges together, in
another words, sealed the flanges "
Click to enlarge image
" Working Principle of Anaerobic Flange Sealant "

Note : The nature of the anaerobic gasket sealant is sealing
the flanges by bonding. Hence, it is a very reliable and high
performance which suitable for many harsh conditions and
critical requirement. However, one must know that anaerobic
adhesives work effectively for metal surfaces (  both side of
flanges ) only.

For easy part number identification :
Loctite 504 ( 50441 ), Loctite 510 ( 30972 ),
Loctite 515 ( 22645 ), Loctite 518 ( 51831 ),
Loctite 534 ( 40392 ), Loctite 549 ( 23493 ),
Loctite 568 ( 56841 ), Loctite 573 ( 57331 ),
Loctite 574 ( 57435 )
Ultra strength Adhesive : Loctite Hysol E 120 HP
We carry   stocks for  LOCTITE Superflex RTV Silicone Gasket Sealants  in our store.   We are ready to despatch the
goods to meet your urgent  job requirements, even in Sabah, Sarawak, Penang, Selangor, Kuala Lumpur, Pulau Pinang,
Pahang, Negeri Sembilan, Melaka, Kedah, Kelantan, Terengganu.
Loctite 5920
Loctite® 5920™ Copper  82046  is a high temperature
silicone gasket that is formulated to withstand operating
temperatures to 700°F (371°C) intermittent. It provides
superior oil resistance with low odor, and fills gaps to .25".
Loctite 5920 Copper is non-corrosive, has low volatility, and
is resistant to most chemicals and solvents.
Loctite 5699 Ultra Grey
Loctite  5699 Ultra Grey  ( 33964 ) -- Remains flexible and
withstands high vibration. Designed for high-torque
applications. Withstands temperatures from -75°F to 625°F
(-59°C to 329°C) intermittant. Outstanding oil and shop fluid
resistance. Noncorrosive, low odor.
LOCTITE Superflex 596
LOCTITE® Superflex™ 596 Red High Temp RTV Silicone
Adhesive Sealant is a ready to use, single component, room
temperature, vulcanizing adhesive/sealant for making 500ºF
to 600ºF gaskets and seals. Uncured Superflex™ 596 Red
High Temp RTV Silicone Adhesive Sealant is a red, viscous,
non-sag, low volatile paste which emits a small amount of
acetic acid (vinegar-like odor) while curing to a flexible
rubber. The material cures on exposure to atmospheric
moisture to provide a tough, flexible, waterproof, oil-resistant
silicone rubber seal. It is specially formulated to meet the low
silicone volatiles requirements of the automotive industry for
600ºF flange sealants. The non-sag properties of this ready-
to-use sealant allows its use on vertical as well as horizontal

For easy part number indentification :
Loctite 587 ( 25641 ), Loctite 595 ( 59530 ),
Loctite 596 ( 59617 ), Loctite 598 ( 20176 ),
Loctite 5699 ( 33964 ), Loctite 5900 ( 33967 ),
Loctite 5920 ( 82048 ), Loctite 5999 ( 33962 )
LOCTITE 515 : Seals Perfectly
LOCTITE® 515™  ( 22645 ) cures when confined in the
absence of air between close fitting metal surfaces. It seals
close fitting joints between rigid metal faces and flanges and
will flex with minor flange movements. Provides resistance to
low pressures immediately after assembly of flanges.
Typically used as a form-in-place gasket for pumps,
thermostats, compressors,  transmission housings and axle
An owner of one wire rope company came to us for solving a critical problem. Without solving it, the only machine for
making wire rope termination, the entire operation  would be stuck.

The wire rope terminal  press machine he had was encountered a severe  hydraulic oil leaking problem. Pressure of
hydraulic  ( clamping force ) could not be built up to perform the clamping. Despite of changing the o-ring not so long ago,
the hydraulic oil still leaked uncontrollable.

One contractor was called to fix the problem,  no failure is to be allowed this time. After examine the system, we proposed to
seal with  LOCTITE 515  Gasket Eliminator.
Application of Loctite 515
Application of Loctite 515
The machine was dismantled again to seal with Loctite 515
SMARTS Fast Dry Industrial Cleaner
The mating surface was later cleaned with SMARTS Fast Dry
Industrial Cleaner. It is a power cleaner which clean oils,
greases, and certain gasket and polymer residues.
Application of Loctite 515
Application of Loctite 515
The O-Ring was placed according to OEM Specs
LOCTITE 515  formed a " Gasket " on the flange
Application of Loctite 515
For easy part number identification:
Loctite 510 ( 30972 ), Loctite 515 ( 22645 ),
Loctite 518 ( 51831 ), Loctite 545 ( 30980 ),
Loctite 573 ( 57331 ), Loctite 574 ( 57435 )
The hydraulic system was sealed perfectly and the machine
was put back to operation.
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