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Silicone Greases
Dimethyl Silicone Compounds : Versatile Chemicals for Releasing, Lubricating and Sealing
Dimetyl Silicone Compounds -- 3 Consistencies -- Numerous Applications

Polydimethyl silicone ( polydimethyl siloxane ) fluids are found to be chemically inert, non-corrosive, good thermal stability,
lubricity, low odour and  low levels of toxicity. These outstanding properties make dimethyl silicone fluids the product of
choice for many diverse applications --  the most versatile, cost-effective materials used for release agents, lubricants,
polishes, paint and coating  additives.
The silicone fluids have a silicon-oxygen linkages resembling to that of  Si-O  found in high temperature resistant inorganic
materials such as quartz
Polydimethyl Siloxane
This molecular backbone exhibits higher resistance to the
attack of  oxidation, extreme temperature for extended
period of time, chemical reaction compared to the
carbon-carbon chain found in other organic compounds.
Polydimethyl Siloxane
This molecular backbone exhibits higher resistance to the attack of  oxidation, extreme temperature for extended period of
time, chemical reaction compared to the carbon-carbon chain found in other organic compounds.

A  dimethyl silicone compound can be formulated by thickening polydimethyl silicone fluids  with inert amorphous silica filler
to form a grease-like material.  The end product with specific consistency  can be utilised  for specific applications within
industries.  Further to the inherent properties of  dimethyl silicone base fluids, dimethyl silicone compounds ( greases ) bear
the features of:

* practically odourless
* showing extremely low level of volatility
* having resistance to broad range of chemicals
* moisture resistant
* good lubricating properties over long periods
* high dielectric strength
* resistant to oxidation
* good thermal stability
* excellent release and sealing properties

The term ‘Consistency ‘ describes the physical state of a particular grease ( or  compound ) which range from semi fluid –
soft –hard – solid.  A  grease that is too hard / stiff may not feed into areas requiring satisfactory  lubrication, whereas  a
grease that is too fluid may leak out from lubrication point . Grease consistency depends on the type and amount of
thickener added and the viscosity of its base oil.

This may  be seen in Dow Corning Dimethyl Silicone Compounds which come in three different consistencies:

a. Light       - Dow Corning 7 Release Compound
b. Medium   - Dow Corning 4 Electrical Insulating Compound
c. Heavy      - Dow Corning 111 Valve Lubricant & Sealant
By immersing the wet metal parts and machined components  in the S-88 bulk liquid, it acts as a dewatering fluid which able
to displace the water to the bottom of the tank for periodic bleed-off.  Water is separated from dewatering fluid by a distinct
clear layer without any emulsification. S-88 penetrates  into hard-to-reach areas -- displaces water and leaves  a corrosion
resistant protective film. This treatment is  particularly useful for short term rust protection of metal  component storage or
while waiting for  subsequent secondary processes, metalworking, electroplating, painting to name a few.
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Dow Corning 7 Release Compound
* Mould release agent for foundry shell and core moulds
* Rubber lubricant
* Release agent for adhesive and glues
* Air frame lubricant
* Cable- pulling lubricant
* Release agent for plastic extruders and equipment
* Release agent for plastic film packaging machines (
eliminates built-up of plastic residue at sealing heaters ).
Dow Corning 4 Electrical Insulating Compound
Dow Corning 4 Electrical Insulating Compound

* Moisture- proof seal for aircraft, marine and automotive
ignition systems and spark plug connections
* Water-proof electrical connections
* Seal and lubricant for battery terminals, rubber door seals,
plastic and rubber o-ring
* Assembly lubricant
Dow Corning  111 Valve Lubricant and Sealant
* Sealant for vacuum and pressure systems
* Sealant for out-door equipment, meters, electrical service entrance and underground connections
* Chemical barrier coating
* Rubber and plastic O-ring lubricant
* Sealant for gaskets and seal
* Valve stem lubricant
* Aircraft vacuum systems
LOCTITE Silicone Lubricant 51360
LOCTITE Silicone Lubricant  51360  is a non-curing silicone
paste that seals, lubricates, protects,  waterproofs, and
electrically insulates metal, rubber, and plastic parts. Use is
as a moisture barrier for electrical contacts, a rubber and
plastic lubricant, a mold release agent, and a packing
lubricant for shafts and
valve stems. It is useful as a stopcock lubricant, plug or ball
valve lubricant, valve stem packing lubricant, and protector
for electrical contacts. It also protects electrical connections
against water infiltration, acring, and keeps moisture from
forming a conductive film on electric mounts and insulators.
LOCTITE Silicone Lubricant 51360 has excellent fluid resistance to water based fluids, alcohols, mineral oils
and vegetable oils.
LOCTITE Silicone Lubricant 51360
Besides the applications as Dielectric Grease, O - Ring
Grease, our customers  find it useful in vacuum pump
sealing,  vacuum flask air tight sealing, and even in diving

Besides, should you find specific application / specifications
where Dow Corning grease  is applicable :
Molykote  55 O-Ring Lubricant -- A soft silicone-based
grease, slightly swells rubber for better sealing, oxidation
resistant and serviceable over a wide temperature range (
as below ).
Uses :  for dynamic lubrication and ealing between rubber
and metal parts in pneumatic valves.
Typical applications :  found within the aircraft, automotive,
paintball and other industries.

* Color/Appearance: Off White
* Base Chemistry: Silicone
* Service Temperature, deg C : -65 to 177
* Flash Point:, deg F :  >214
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