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Specialty Lubricant
Wire Rope & Cable Lubricant
CRC Wire Rope and Cable Lubricant 3035
CRC Wire Rope and Cable Lubricant 3035-- An extreme
duty synthetic lubricant with Molybdenum. It lubricates and
protects wire rope to help prevent strand failure, extend
working life and eliminate costly downtime. It resists water
wash off and high temperature sling off.
For a more economical use of  wire rope lubricant and yet high performance , you may think of using :
Castrol SMR Heavy X
Castrol SMR Heavy X -- Bituminous based ( open ) gear oil
fortified with carefully selected extreme pressure additives,
thereby reducing wear on contact surfaces.

It is recommended for heavily loaded, slow moving open /
semi open gears and journals. Also suitable for  use as wire
rope lubricant,  lubricant for pinion drives and transmission

Castrol SMR Heavy X contains anti - corrosion additives,
prevent surface corrosion and corrosive wear. Excellent
adhesion properties to resist throw off in moving parts.
If you are bonding a product and you encounter the following condition :
Lube Canada

MARINE WRL -- A  wire rope / chain oil that is specially
formulated to permeate or penetrate to the core, ensuring
lubrication throughout while providing a non-drying, non-
tacky film on the outside of the rope to protect from dust and
corrosion, as well as lubricating drums and sheaves, so
producing longer rope an chain life and reducing down time.
Easily pumpable at temperatures as low as -32˚C.

MARINE WRL remains flexible in extreme weather conditions,
eliminating flaking and peeling, dirt pickup and lubrication
sling-off. It can be used to lubricate all sizes of rope, chains,
leaf springs etc.
Marine Grade Dielectric Grease from CRC Marikate
CRC Marikate 06106
CRC Marikate  06106 -- Marine Premium Electronics Grease

Seals, protects & insulates electrical contacts from moisture.
Lubricates & seals rubber & plastic parts. Waterproofs
components & contacts to protect against arcing. Improves
electrical performance during adverse conditions such as
rain & fog.


Electrical Connectors and Contacts, Light Bulbs & Sockets,
Breakers, Electrical Panels, Shore Power Inlets, Trailer
Connectors, Bulkhead Connectors, Battery Terminals, Spark
Synthetic Grease
CRC Sta-Lube Permatherm SL 3580
CRC Sta-Lube  Permatherm SL 3580 -- A high performance
synthetic grease that incorporates a non-melting thickener.
Its proprietary chemistry provides exceptional anti-wear
properties up to 600 F.

Typical Applications:
Clinker cooler bearings, fans, high temperature applications,
high temperature pumps, mining applications, ovens,
overhead oven trolleys, paper machine dryers, pumps,
super heated steam dryers, treadmills
LOCTITE Anti Seize Lubricant
Loctite Heavy Duty Anti-Seize 51606
Loctite Heavy Duty Anti-Seize 51606 --  has excellent
lubricity. Metal-free formulation provides outstanding
lubrication to all metals including stainless steel, aluminum,
and soft metals up to 2400°F (1315°C).
Loctite Copper Anti-Seize Lubricant 51007
Loctite  Copper Anti-Seize Lubricant  51007
, a premium quality copper anti-seize and thread lubricant
that may be used to prevent seizing, corrosion and galling
where high temperature conditions exist. Temperature
range: -30 °F to 1800 °F. Provides good electrical
LOCTITE Nickel Anti-Seize Lubricant 77164
LOCTITE  Nickel Anti-Seize Lubricant 77164  -- a
heavy-duty, high temperature, anti-seize lubricant that
resists galling and corrosion and reduces wear in heavy
pressure applications. It contains tenacious metals, oils and
graphite materials which cannot be burned away or removed
by slow moving parts. It is exceptionally resistant to attack by
acids, ammonia, acetylene and vinyl monomer. LOCTITE  
Nickel Anti-Seize Lubricant reduces friction for tight
assembling of stainless steel threads and press fits. It
supports five times as much pressure without galling as the
leading competitor. Allows easy disassembly of parts after
exposure to corrosive or hot environments. Typical
applications include lubricating drop forge dies and
hammers, catalyst bed and reaction chamber supports,
conveyor chains, and chemical plant bolts for pump
housings and pipe flanges. It also lubricates and seals pipe
threads in acid environments and coats gaskets in high
temperature applications. This product is typically used in
applications with an operating range of -54 °C to 1,315 °C.
LOCTITE 767 Silver Grade Anti Seize
LOCTITE  767 Silver Grade anti  seize  ( 76764 )  --  a
heavy-duty, high-temperature antiseize thread compound
applicable for heavy pressure applications. It can be used in
high temperature areas up to 870°C (1600°F).
Loctite Food Grade Anti-Seize 51168
Loctite  Food Grade Anti-Seize 51168 --  metal-free
formulation prevents seizure, galling, and friction in stainless
steel and other metal parts up to 750 °F (400 °C).
Loctite Marine Grade Anti-Seize
Loctite Marine Grade Anti-Seize ( 34395 , 34026 )  --  a
metal-free formulation to protect assemblies exposed directly
or indirectly to fresh and salt water, Loctite Marine Grade
Anti-Seize works especially well in high humidity conditions. It
has excellent lubricity, superior water wash-out and water
spray resistance, and prevents galvanic corrosion. Protects
in temperatures from -20°F to 2400°F (-29°C to 1315C).
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