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Pest Control Services involves more than just eliminating pest from your property. It should be consultative, responsive, effective, efficient,
thorough, safe and healthy as well as emphasis in inspection and preventive maintenance. Anything less is a waste of resources – your time, your
effort and your money. We adopt our unique systematic and thorough SITE methodology of pest control: Spot- Identify - Treat-Eliminate.

We are established long enough to provide guarantee.

We hire, train and motivate the people.

We supervise and inspect to ensure quality service.

We respond promptly to your needs and concerns.

We put people first in health and safety.

We use laboratory facilities and hooked to industrial advances.

We provide quality service as consistently and as affordable

Services You Can Rely On

We have vast experience in providing pest control services to a wide range of sectors from domestic properties to international commercial
properties like shopping complexes, office building, hotel properties & resorts, food and beverage processing facilities, health-care, restaurant
and hospitality, warehousing and distribution operations, schools and institutions as well as other facilities.

We apply a wide range of specialized equipment to carry out efficacious pest control jobs. The chemicals we use are fully approved by the relevant
Government Bodies of Malaysia and are regarded safe to human health and the environment.
Why Choose Us?
Services That is Protection-driven
Services That is Protection-driven
We strive to be service-driven and yet environmentally concerned to ensure the satisfaction and safety of our customers
as well as the general community. In gearing towards the ISO Standards, BUMIPEST prioritises operational safety and
health awareness for the environment in its control. The services provided are carefully rendered by efficient and
experienced technical staff using up-to-date technology, both chemical and non chemical, which complies strictly to
WHO, Ministry of Health and HACCP requirements.
Local Acclaim Global Recognition
Local Acclaim Global Recognition
BUMIPEST is actively putting great importance in providing high quality services to be on par to the global standards. In
pursuing these ideals, we have gained accreditations and approvals from many monitoring and governing bodies that
maintained and regulated our services on a regular basis.
Malaysian Fumigation Accreditation Scheme (MAFAS)
This is an accreditation scheme introduced by the Department of Agriculture Malaysia to set a guideline on fumigation
methods of exports packed in wood-based packaging material. The whole scheme is based upon the Australian
Fumigation Accreditation Scheme (AFAS), thus entitling BUMIPEST to provide services of international standards.
Under this scheme, BUMIPEST was also accredited to provide services in accordance to the requirements set by the
International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC) Secretariat which is part of the Food and Agriculture Organization
(FAO) of the United Nations.
Here are a few of our success stories and recognitions in providing a better service
Under the flagship of the International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC) Secretariat, BUMIPEST has been awarded
the certification of ISPM-15. ISPM-15 is an International Phytosanitary Measure developed by the IPPC that directly
addresses the need to treat wood materials of a thickness greater than 4mm used to ship products between countries.
It affects items like shipping pallets and requires that pallets either be chemically fumigated, sterilized with heat, or
made from alternative material, like paper, plastic or compressed wood chips.
Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP)
To add to the reliability of our services, BUMIPEST is also certified to practise Hazard Analysis and Critical Control
Points (HACCP) in our work. HACCP is a systematic preventative approach to food safety that addresses physical,
chemical and biological hazards as a means of prevention rather than finished product inspection, so that key actions,
known as Critical Control Points (CCP's) can be taken to reduce or eliminate the risk of the hazards being realised. The
system is used at all stages of food production and preparation processes.
Ministry of Finance Malaysia
Ministry of Finance Malaysia
BUMIPEST is registered with the Ministry of Finance of Malaysia which qualifies BUMIPEST to provide products and
services to government bodies, demonstrating the capability and the trust BUMIPEST gets from the government.
BUMIPEST is an authorized dealer for Sumitomo Chemical on Xterm, a revolutionary termite baiting product.
BUMIPEST becomes the strategic partners of Bayer in promoting and utilising original chemicals in the industry.
Minister of Health
Minister of Health
BUMIPEST is a licensed fumigator accredited by Ministry of Health, Malaysia.
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