PAP Plus
PAP Plus

Truly a testament to excellence in design and commitment to product refinement, the PAP Plus® compressor is
among the most trusted and versatile centrifugal compressors available today.
Some main features:

  • PAP® compressors were among the first packaged centrifugal air compressors introduced in 1963
  • Backward leaning impeller design promotes high efficiencies and operational flexibility  

The Polaris® compressor represents 50 cumulative years of operational and design experience rolled into an
extremely reliable, energy efficient, cost effective package. Some main features:

  • The Polaris® compressors maintain FS-Elliott’s legendary reliability characteristics.
  • Electronic on-line ordering systems, pre-engineered and prototype tested option groups, the most
    advanced lean manufacturing techniques – all supervised by an ISO-9000 certified quality system

  • Polaris P300
  • Polaris P400
  • Polaris P500

For FS-Elliott, control systems are much more than a box that bolts onto our compressors. FS-Elliott is the only
compressor manufacturer to develop a comprehensive product line of PLC based control systems. There are
three control systems - the R200, R300 and R400 - to handle various degrees of instrumentation, serviceability
and redundancy.

Regulus® is “The heart of the lion” and the heart of every FS-Elliott compressor system. If you have an existing
FS-Elliott or other make of centrifugal compressor, retrofit kits are now available to economically upgrade existing
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