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The PurerAire Revitalizing Systems is a powerful combination of the AireMac and PurerAire Solutions which
provide you with 24 hours protection for your homes and offices
indoor air solutions.
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AireMac PurerAire Revitalizing Systems | Indoor Air
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AireMac PurerAire Revitalizing Systems

How the AireMac works :

The PurerAire Concentrate diluted 100 times with water is
drawn up the cone as it rotates at about 3,000 rpm. The
mixture is sprayed onto the incoming air thus creating a
scrubbing effect which purifies the air of bacteria, fungi,
enveloped type viruses, odours and nicotine smoke.

This purified air also carries with it the fragrance of the
essential oils as they are being released into the
atmosphere thus enhancing the air quality.
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