ESCAL Series
ESCAL Series
ESCAL Series
Air Compressor Scroll Series
ESCAL Series: [ Escal4R, Escal6R ]
Escal's quiet quality
the super-precision machining by Mitsui Seiki's high-performance machining center realizes the scroll's
un-touch rotation with low noise and less vibration without using chip seals.

Escal's tender quality
Protection gears which consider safety. Adoption of environmentally friendly alternative for
chlorofluorocarbon with zero ozone destruction coefficient. The components are laid out considering the
operability based on human engineering.

Escal's energy saving
The automatic start-stop system combined with the unloader system to enhance energy saving effect. It
also deals with intermittent operation and continuous operation. Besides, it is possible to set up
continuous unloader system according to the condition of the air used.

Escal's consideration
Adoption of a easy-to-use monitor panel. Self-diagnosis function is added to the monitor in order to control
operation, errors and maintenance. An auto dry timer is installed as a standard component in order to
prevent the drain from being made. Adoption of a totally enclosed fan cooled motor which is strong to dust
and moisture. It is possible to set the pre operation of the dryer.

Escal's power
Its slow ans smooth rotation creates highly efficient power. By sealing the compressing rooms which are
formed continually with oil films, the largest discharge air volume in its class is realized.

Escal's maintenance
Chip seals which need to be changed are not used. The filter element is a cartridge type which can easily
be changed through the front shutter.

Escal's expandability (Optional)
There are versatile options available so that the machine is used in comfort. Main circuit voltage 400/440V
specification. Remote operation specification. With caster wheels. Dryer-less.
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