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Keruilai Environmental Air Coolers

Keruilai Environmental Cooling System is made from the cooperated study of scientist from Australia, Sweden, China & Hong Kong, using leading edge technology on Evaporative Air Cooling systems. Munsters Keruilai started the commercial production of evaporative air coolers for industrial & commercial workspace cooling since 1995. Keruilai trade name is currently present in roughly 52 countries worldwide.

Keruilai Air Coolers

Heat Control
Keruilai environmental cooling system will work to release the heat from within the premises providing fresh, filtered & cool air circulation with its high volume flow rate of air from external air intake.

Saves Costs
Keruilai Environmental Cooling System provides cool and comfortable air with low energy consumption.

Air Ventilation
The constant and high volumetric flow rate of air reduces stale air in the intended space dramatically replacing it with fresh, filtered and cool air.

Environmental Friendly
Keruilai Environmental Cooling System utilizes only water as the cooling agent, thus omitting the production of heat and greenhouse gasses is the cooling process.

Ease of Maintenance
Keruilai Environmental Cooling System consists of simple mechanical parts which can be repaired at low cost.

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