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Ventilation plays a vital role in modern greenhouses. Vertical ventilation results into a better a more uniform climate and energy savings.Because of several energy technical improvements in modern greenhouses and more intensive cultivation methods, the necessity of controlling humidity levels on crop level increases. With the V-FloFan, Vostermans Ventilation offers the grower the opportunity to reduce the negative impacts due to humidity in a simple and energy efficient way.

The air is distributed over a wide surface through an aerodynamic conductor. With the adjustable height, the V-FloFan can be applied for a wide range of crops. The fan is easy to mount in greenhouses and easy to maintain.

Practical Testing (Cucumber Greenhouse)
The V-FloFan is tested in a cucumber greenhouse in which the distance under the gutter is 4 metres, the adjustable cone is set in the lowest position and the surface per fan is 20 metres by 20 metres. Smoke tests demonstrated that the V-FloFan also has positive results in high crops with regard to air distribution and air exchange, both with open and closed curtain.

Practical Testing (Chrysanthemums Greenhouse)
A second test has been performed in a greenhouse with chrysanthemums. Two tests have been performed with closed curtain, with and without assimilation lighting.


Practical Testing (Poultry Farm)
For a uniform development of the animals, it is important to distribute the heat optimally in the poultry house. With the V-FloFan Vostermans Ventilation offers the possibility to reduce the negative impacts of temperature differences in the poultry house at an energy efficient way. Through vertical ventilation the heat is distributed to lower levels in the poultry house, resulting into an optimal microclimate on animal level.

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