Alarm System
Intelligent Security System - L900 Series

L900 Series is a zone security system uniquely combines the state-of-art of Microprocessor with simplified operation and superb lighting protection.

Bluguard Dual color Keypad suit the user's preference. The Keypad provides the visual and audio warning to the user in the event tampering or emergency. Bluguard has built in proprietary technology which uses a specialized encrypted communication protocol to communicate with other modules to ensure maximum security. Any attempt to disable any module or system's wiring will be recognized immediately

LS - 200 Shock Sensor
The LS-200 shock sensor is a high-tech, high-frequency vibration sensor that can detect a burglar attempting to make a forced entry even before he enter inside. LS-200 shock sensor has remarkable power and sensitivity to distinguish between forces such as cutting, drilling, prying, forcing and the harmless low-frequency vibrations of wind and rocking movements.

Paradox Digigard DG85


Digigard DG85 is an outdoor high-Security Digital Motion Detector that combines a special weatherproof design and the world-renown technology of our Digigard High-Security Motion Detector with Pet Immunity (DG75) to provide the same reliable protection - outdoors.

Digigard DG85 provides several other advanced features, such as patented Auto Pulse Signal Processing, multi- level sensitivity adjustment, two operational modes (addressable for Digiplex and DigiplexNE or conventional relay operation) and a metal shield to maximize protection from EMI and RFI signals.

Reliable, weatherproof and stylish, Digigard DG85 will give you the detection and versatility you need in virtually any outdoor application.


SUPA8 series incorporate the best of Australia know-how and ingenuity - the quality is built in, not added on. The control panels have been designed with a very simple purpose in mind to detect alarm and report them. The control panels are not stripped down version of more expensive systems (although there is more expensive system on the market without the capabilities of SUPA8). The real test of reliability is when things are at its darkness - when the power goes off. Even then, the SUPA8 will remain fully functional, thanks to a backup rechargeable battery power supply.

Magnatic Door Contact
These unique contacts simplify the installation of end of line resistors at the contact for total line security. Available in 4 models surface, recessed, press fit and roller ball configurations. The state of the art, patent pending is available today.
Satel - Control Panel CA-5

CA-5 control panel resulted from increasing demand on the security market for small alarm systems with monitoring capabilities.

Keypad CA-5 KLED intended for operation with CA-5 microprocessor-driven control panel. Equipped with backlit keys and with LED's and buzzer for communication with a user. The keypad enables all day operation of alarm system, and also permits programming all its parameters.

Paradox PRO Plus
The PRO Plus gives you the latest technology available for superior accuracy. Its exclusive auto Pulse Signal Processing ensures exceptional precision in detection. And Automatic Temperature Compensation means it performs consistently well in a wide variety of environmental conditions.
Photoelectric Beam Motion Detectors - ABT series

NESS Security Porducts, Australia made security Products for the New Millennium. The products are accredited to the internationally recognised Quality Standard ISO9001. Ness products are exported to over 25 countries including the USA , UK , many European countries and South East Asia .

Victoria - Wireless Home Security System
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