(A) Swing Gate

Electronic anti-crushing sensor, automatic reopen it hits something

Timer control automatic closing (you must obey some safety rule to activate this function)
Non-underground motor, avoiding common problem of damages by water and mud.

Its unique self locking mechanism does not require an extra lock at the gate.

Dual speed design with soft cushion stopping.
Micro-computer fuzzy logic control
It works even during a blackout.
The Aprigate TM automatic gate system introduces a variety of new and unique features both in terms of outlook style and operation devices. Available in two models, Aprigate TM I is for residential gate while Aprigate TM II is built to withstand heavy duty drive, capable of automating gates up to 5.5 meters per leaf, suitable for residential and industrial applications.

Its high technology and reliability ensures excellent performance for the customer. Not only it can ensure the safety of the household but it help to resolve the hassle of getting into their driveway especially on rainy days and etc.



(B) Sliding Gate
The M-Pro and H-Pro operators are electromechanical geared motors for sliding gates with a weight of up to 1000kg. The stop system, guaranteed by an absolutely reliable industrial limit switch, in conformity with the IP55 standard, and the customized key controlled release make it a robust and safe product: the result of Automatica Casa's great experience.

These gates operators, conceived for use in residential areas, are suitable for sliding gates, up to a weight of 2000 Kilograms. Their line is soft and pleasant; they can be equipment with an electronic control board. The current adjustable mechanical clutch makes this device extremely safe.


The MAC 1, with its compactness and its particular design, has all the necessary elements to operate a safe choice based on a high standard of quality.

Its particular technical- constructive make and its highly applied technology, make this motor reduction-gear a highly dependable item that satisfies the demands of both installment and operation.

To operate the opening and closing of the lock becomes pleasant because of its noiselessness, while a terrific releasing level system allows as easy manual operation in case of strain regarding the lock itself.

The faultless of MAC 1 guarantees a long endurance by eliminating any type of maintenance both for the installer and the user.


VT Series of operating devices created for automatic movement of sliding doors and gates weight from 1500kg up to 6000kg.



(C) Barrier Gate
Valet Technology Barrier System has been designed and manufactured for highway, commercial car parks, business and industrial premises applications optimized for high volume vehicle traffic and has a 100% duty cycle. It is highly reliable with its housing treated with anti-corrosion paint and a smooth control mechanism ensures efficient fast operation and performance. Using long life electromechanical geared motor, suitable to carry long hours of operation, Valet Technology Barrier System meets the challenge for very rapid control of vehicle traffic access.
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