(A) Door / Card Access
AccessPortal Standalone Access Control System
The Standalone Access Control System is specially designed with proven and reliable technology whereby it contains Built-In Integrity Monitoring System for maximum reliability. The Architecture is easy to install without any PC to operate. Therefore, it is easy to Use, easy to Program and easy to Maintain.
Standalone proximity
Standalone Proximity with keypad access and LCD System access system
Standalone PIN access system
Standalone proximity with keypad access system
Castle - i-CASS

I-Cass is a newly developed system with elegant design and comprehensive features which customized to meet the market demand.

FALCO-ECOM Access Control System
Facing problems of a system easily abused by staff, inaccurate and incurs extra running cost for service and maintenance? Problem solved. Introducing FALCO-ECOM is a tamper proof, efficient and cost effective.
EBELCO BP-121 Bell Phone


Door Bell
Door opener
Handset LED Indicator
Adjustable Chime Volume Control
Weatherproof Outdoor unit



Elock - Electric Lock Series


Suitable for security or access control system.

(B) Finger Print Access
xPortal VMS System
xPortal VMS is a computerized visitor management system which is specially designed to keep track of visitor coming in and out of the premises.
Castle - InnerScan TM FingerPrint

InnerScan FingerPrint Security Access Control System, provides a stylish integrated solution for fast and effective security management. It scans and identifies a person through the inner layer of the skin, which in medical terms is identified as the saline layer. It is also able to work under multiple conditions such as dry, injured or contaminated outer layer of the skin. This technologically advanced fingerprint sensor technology ensures maximum security and better management result.

FingerTec AC-800 Series - Fingerprint Technology Door Access Control System
With embedded fingerprint scanner, FINGER AC-800 series delivers peace of mind through automatic personalized identification. No keys, no cards and no security personnel needed to safeguard your premises from unauthorized entries or fraud cases. Besides, it's ability incorporate with time attendance system makes it an ideal choice not only for security system but also for elimination of "buddy punching" occurrences by employees. Its futuristic design complete with built-in doorbell and voice greeting, complements the advanced state of security system for your premises.
FingerTec AC500 series - Fingerprint Time Clocking System

FingerTec AC500 series is system that incorporates fingerprint verification technology to produce precise clocking time of each employee. Every reader of the FingerTec AC500 series allows storage up to 120000 transactions at a time and capable to store a maximum of 2800 templates; suitable for office and factory use. It is bundled with management software for easy administration of human resources and security controls in one go.

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