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Granite comes in several textures.
  • Polished texture granite slabs for floors and walls.
  • Horned texture means matted (polished non shiny surface) - suitable for external areas.
  • Bush hammered texture granite slabs are non slippery but are smooth - for areas where you walk barefooted.
  • Flamed texture granite are for gardens, external walkways, driveways.
  • Cobblestones are thick granite blocks to withstand weight such as vehicles - so are suitable for driveways.

Granite is an igneous rock, and it was formed deep under the earth as hot molten rock cooled very slowly. During the cooling process, minerals like
feldspar and quartz crystallized and bonded together. Because of the way it was formed, granite is very strong, and resists water and food acids

The presence of different minerals during its formation causes granite to take on an almost endless variety of colors, from white to black, red to blue,
and every blend of color possible.
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