Single (DC-100)
Door Controller: Single (DC-100)
Product Description
A networked scalable access controller - suitable for small or medium scaled security system.  

  • Physical size of each controller (L x W x D) mm: 140 x 90 x 23
  • Operating voltage DC 12V at 700mA

It is an ideal solution requiring economical, fast installation with modest resources that is applicable to both
commercial and institutional environment.  A powerful, flexible and easy to use software manages a network of
such controllers, hence making it easy to monitor transactions of accesses and users.  Any of these RFID
Proximity, PIN, PRox & PIN, and smartcard readers can be seemlessly integrated with each of such controller.   

Application environment:  

  • Number of doors in a networked system: between 1 and 64
  • Communication buses: max. 4
  • Number of networkable doors per bus: 16
  • Number of readers per controller: max. 2 (IN and OUT directions)
  • Installation: Mountable into a metal enclosure integrated with switching power supply/charger.
  • Communication to readers: Wiegand-26
  • Communication to software: RS-232 (max 10ft or 3m), or RS-485 (max 1Km)
  • Software name: mPoint (Charges free, for 16 doors)
  • Software required OS: Microsoft Windows XP or later
  • Software required Database: Microsoft SQL 2005 Express Edition

Functional features:

  • Number of users: 1000 max.
  • Number of transactions: 1000
  • PIN codes for entry: 50 max.
  • Card format:  26-bit Wiegand
  • Facility code support: 4 digits, between 0000 and 0255 (9999 max if free-Wiegand, not applicable to this
  • Anti-pass back: Local (availability of anti-pass back by groups of networked doors would be  dependent to
    an offered software server engine)
  • Anti-pass back application only to selected cards: Yes
  • Database checking mode: Ignore or Check
  • Data communication speed: 9600 or 19200 bps
  • Time zones
  • Time zones for accesses: 30 max.
  • Time Zone for disabling PIN [in a PIN & Card mode]: Available
  • Time zone for auto-unlocking door: Available
  • Input and output signals
  • Input signal: for exit push button
  • Output signal: 1 (generally used for additional buzzer)
  • Ouput alarm: trigger by door left open
  • Software scope: door access control and basic time attendance reporting

Information on convenience in system-upgrade :  

  • System upgrade: Easy
  • System free upgradable components:

Firmware through software
Software through technical support
Basic time attendance through technical support
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