KTS Laminate Flooring Superior Series
Malaysia Raised Floor Panel System
KTS Flooring System (M) Sdn Bhd

KTS Laminate Floor System are carefully designed and manufacturer to suit your lifestyle and it's
character matches natural wood flooring to display cosy, warm and rustic feeling. Unlike natural wood
flooring, KTS flooring requires minimum maintenance and offer ease in cleaning thus saving you
valuable time and money. We are also extending our flooring products and services to Asia countries
like Indonesia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Thailand; Middle East countries like Dubai, Iran, Saudi Arab and

KTS flooring offers a wide choice of patterns so appealing that you would never regret using them.
Modern fully automated machines and sophisticated advance technology ensures everlasting beauty to
it's highest standards. The trusted brand "KTS" always committed to deliver Comfort, Quality, Durability
and most importantly product of maximized value.

A Perfect Balance Of Beauty, Quality And Value

Quite Simple, It's the Finest Laminate Flooring You Can Buy

Creating your perfect space takes balance. A balance of colors and patterns and objects. Finding that
perfect floor to enhance and complete your space is an essential part of that balance. That's what
makes KTS Laminate Flooring such an easy choice. You'll find beautiful patterns and styles to match
your decor, your lifestyle and your budget.
KTS Laminate Flooring Superior Series
Lay & Click, Glueless Installation.
AC2, AC3, AC4 & AC5 Crystal Texture
Panel size:
1210mm x 191mm x 8.0mm
1210mm x 191mm x 8.3mm
If you are concerned with KTS Laminate Flooring or are budget minded, then KTS Standard Series
maybe a great choice for you.
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