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Lama Metal Door and Window Frames provide a secure fix for timber and metal doors where strength and durability factors are your priorities.
Due to the deplenishing sources of wood used in the door and window frame industry, coupled with the rise in expense including the world’s
rapidly disappearing timber resources, Lama Metal Door and Window frames are the best alternatives you can turn to, and at the same time,
helping us to preserve our future generations by avoiding green house and environmental effects caused by deforestation.

Lama Metal Door and Window frames are used extensively and are preferred to timber frames due to its cost effectiveness and real practical
advantages over timber frames. Our metal frames are easily fitted during construction or can be retrofitted, complete with hinges, architraves,
buffers and striker plates already built in. They are much easier to fit once familiarized, stronger, more resilient and provides an excellent
painting surface as no surface preparation is required. Due to the utilization of specially coated metals, termites attack to your door frame and
warpage of timber door frames especially when exposed to moisture is an issue of the past. Once fitted, the metal door or window frame
becomes an integral part of the wall which adds to its strength. Lama Metal Door and Window Frames are available in both rolled and
pressed formed with various profiles and material type to suit your taste and budget.

Lama Metal Door and Window Frames are made out of superb high quality materials utilizing the latest roll and press forming technology. Our
highly skilled staffs, have been trained to produce export quality controlled metal door and window frames under our stringent quality control
Lama Metal Door Frames have many benefits. These includes:

  • Cost Efficiency
  • Extra Strength and Durability
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Stronger and Safer in the Long Run
  • High Quality and Design
  • Convenient and Lightweight
  • Quicker and Easier Installation
  • Efficient After Sales Service and Friendly Staffs
  • High Level of Aesthetics
  • Price Competitiveness
  • Flexibility in Production Specifications Made To Your Requirements
  • IKRAM Approved
Lama Metal Door Frames

Shock Absorbing Buffers
Buffers are incorporated into Lama deluxe door frames reducing noise and vibration

Unique Striker Plate
A unique stainless steel screwed-in striker plate with a gently curve lead-in edge. It
is less obstructive, looks better and does not interfere with the clean lines of the
frame. An adjustable tongue is included.

Built-in Architrave
A neatly curved built-in architrave enhances the appearance of the Lama deluxe
door frame, ensures a precise fit, avoids extra filling and the subsequent risk of
plaster cracking.

Precision-Cut Corner Junctions
Absolute precision is our trade mark. Each corner has been pre-cut with a 45° mitre
giving a snug, accurate fit. Quick and easy to fix leaving superb finish.

Unobstructive Hinges
Neat, slimline, loose-pin zinc coated hinges are built-in to all Lama deluxe door
frames. Made to fit quickly and easily without detracting from the overall design.

Back Openings
Supplied in a choice of sizes. 95mm for modular brickwork and 114 mm to suit
standard bricks.

Temporary Spreader Bar
Lama deluxe frames are supplied with temporary bottom rails to ensure a perfect
square during transportation and installation. They are designed to be easily

Lama Metal Door Frames comes in a package of the essential hardware accessories which includes the following:

  • Three sets on Lama loose pin slotted chromate steel hinges (2.0mm Thickness). Lama Stainless Steel Hinges can be provided upon
    specification at an additional cost. All Lama hinges are slimline and unobstructive.
  • A Stainless Steel Striker Plate for a hard wearing long lasting operation and convenience. Its screwed in design with a gentle curve
    lead-in edge is less obstructive, does not interfere with the clean lines of the door frame and has a high level of aesthetics.
  • Two Rubber Buffer for the closing jamb to reduce impact, noise and vibrations upon closing the door.
  • Welded Mortar Guards for Screw on Hinges (if specified) for the protection of the screw threads to provide a long lasting serviceability.
    Mullions are slotted on the door frame to conceal the hinge back plate.
  • Each Door Frame is supplied with a Spreader Bar to ensure squareness during transportation and installation.
  • Each Door Frame is supplied with identification for Right or Left Hand Opening.
  • A Quantity of 8 Steel Brick Ties or 6 pieces of Door Frame Mounting Brackets are supplied with each Door Frame to ensure a tight and
    permanent fix before the curing of the mortar.
  • A Complete Structure of Door Stop, Architrave are all built in. (Budget Profile Does not Include Architrave)

Lama Metal Door Frames are available in a variety of specially coated steels. Amongst the most popular materials are Zincanneal,
Galvanneal, Galvanised Iron and Electro-Galvanneal, in thicknesses of 0.8mm, 1.0mm and 1.2mm, in 5 different profiles:

  • Budget Frame Press Formed Profile
  • Arch Frame Roll Formed 130mm Profile
  • Arch Frame Roll Formed 140mm Profile
  • Standard Frame Roll Formed 150mm Profile
  • Standard Frame Roll Formed 158mm Profile

All Lama Metal Door Frame dimensions can be made to order, including double leaf doors. Budget profile can be made is various back
opening sizes and in any desired profile. Additional charges incurs.

Please specify the following on purchase order when ordering:

  • Profile / type of frame
  • Frame overall size / dimensions
  • Frame back opening and block size (for press brake profile)
  • Right or left hand door opening
  • Single or double leaf door (no. of required hinges)
  • With or without striker plate for spring latch, dead bolts or combination of both.
  • Quantity required
  • Full delivery address and contact details

Goods are considered sold upon receipt of purchase order and commencement of job. The customer is liable for any additional costs
incurred for changes / alterations thereafter.


Custom Sizes can be manufactured to your requirements / specifications if quantities exceed 100 units.

Lama Metal reserves the rights to alter specifications for product development without prior notice.
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