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Anti-Slip Treatments
Anti-Slip Treatments
Our products include anti slip floor coatings, anti slip treatments, slip resistant floor care products and the most complete range
of quality grit, resilient, and vinyl safety tapes in the industry.

Our products can be used to create a safer work and living environment on most surfaces, including: ceramic, porcelain, granite,
quarry tile, slate, terrazzo, marble, painted surfaces, wood, resilient vinyl, vinyl composition tiles, steel, concrete, acrylic, plastic,
and more and are for indoor and outdoor applications.

  • Our Treatments work on a variety of surfaces, such as: natural unsealed mineral floors, such as ceramic, porcelain,
    quarry tile, granite, mosaic tile, slate, terrazzo, enamel tubs, concrete etc.  
  • Exceeds co-efficient of friction requirements for ASTM, OSHA, ADA, Canadian and U.S. Government industrial safety
    standards. Approved by Agri-Foods Canada for use in the food industry.  
  • Department stores, food markets, senior care, schools, health clubs, nursing homes, rail & subway stations, airport
    terminals, and any other unsealed concrete floor environment where slip accidents may occur due to slippery-when-wet
  • The long lasting solution to the problem of dangerous, slippery when wet hard floor tile.  
  • Increases co-efficient of friction on floor surfaces to meet and exceed HSE minimum requirements of the surface when
  • Lasts for years – not a coating that will wear off.  
  • Clear solution.  
  • Suitable for stone surfaces including ceramic, quarry tile, terrazzo, granite, marble, concrete, slate, porcelain etc.  
  • Only treatment system in the world available in custom formulations for different stone surfaces.
  • Ceramic      
  • Mosaic      
  • Granite       
  • Terrazzo
  • Concrete     
  • Quarry Tile       
  • Porcelain     
  • Slate
  • Marble
  • Glazed Brick
  • Other Stone
Industrial Anti Slip Treatment - 90378
For use on all natural stone & tile surfaces.
Perfect to increase the anti-slip properties of stone surfaces in entrances, lobbies, kitchens, bathrooms, toilets and anywhere an
increase in slip resistance is required.
No Skidding Anti-Slip Treatment is very effective in areas susceptible to water spills or accumulation.

Heavy Duty Anti Slip Concrete Treatment - 50378
For use on concrete or similar surfaces.
Perfect to increase the anti-slip properties of concrete pathways, entrances, play areas, patio areas, pool areas and anywhere
increased slip resistance is required on unsealed concrete surfaces.

Anti Slip Porcelain Treatment - 80378
For use on porcelain and marble tile surfaces.
Effective use on tiles used in lobbies, food halls, paths, bathrooms, toilets and anywhere tile surfaces require increased friction
especially when wet. Coverage is approximately  

Anti Slip Bath Treatment - 10904
For use on porcelain or enamel baths.
One bath is treated with one application in just 3 minutes  
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