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Suspended Sport Courts Suspended Sport Courts Suspended Sport Courts
Suspended Sport Courts Suspended Sport Courts Suspended Sport Courts
Suspended Sport Courts
Suspended Sport Courts
** Futsal, Tennis, Basketball, Tennis and Multi-purpose courts.

A cushioned sports court consisting of interlocking tiles. These tiles are made from
a durable blend of Polypropylene and EVA, providing an extremely comfortable
all-weather surface that actually enhances player performance.

Can be installed over an existing hard base, such as asphalt or concrete. Once in
place, its sophisticated system of cross and main ribs affords a completely flat play
surface that puts spring into every step, reducing fatigue and injury. Aside from
being more attractive and more resilient than hard courts.
Interlocking Tiles
ALL-WEATHER COURT - Our surface is designed with complete expansion and contraction to fit every climate condition.

SHOCK ABSORPTION - 3/4" thick shock absorbing co-polymer surface

FAST INSTALLATION - Installs quickly over existing or new surface (1 ~ 2 days per court) Simply fill the crack of your existing worn
concrete or asphalt courts

IMPROVED GAME PERFORMANCE - Medium/Fast ball speed, better ball bounce, no skid on lines, Futsal , Tennis & basketball

SELF DRAINING - Fast drying, No standing water, Play in minutes after rain (All-weather, self-draining surface)

REDUCED HEAT - Lower surface temperatures (much cooler than asphalt and concrete courts)

HIGHEST PERFORMANCE -to-price ratio in the market, virtually maintenance-free. Rain quickly drains through, removing the need
for sweeping or sponging. Just wait a few minutes, and start playing.

REDUCED MAINTENANCE - Covers existing cracks and chipped surfaces - No resurfacing or painting. (Save up to $$$$/ year)

Full portability - may be broken down and reassembled in another location so when you move, your Sports Court moves with you.
Cushioned surface for reduced fatigue and injury

  • Dry, non-skid traction, rain or shine
  • Low-glare finish that stays cool on hot days
  • Line dimensions in compliance with USTA specifications
  • Medium ball speed - perfect for players of all skill levels
  • No discoloration and reduced were on shoes and balls
  • Excellent durability and consistent performance over the life of court
  • Easy Access to base beneath
  • Fungus and mildew resistance

No routine maintenance needed

More play and less down time
Tile Specifications

  • Size: 12"x12"x5/8" (13mm)
  • Weight: .75 lbs. / sq. ft. (340 grams) (0.34 kg)
  • Material: Custom-blended polypropylene and EVA with incorporated stabilizers
  • Pattern: Square grid opening
  • Service Range: -50 to +275 degrees F (-25 to 135 deg C)
  • Support: 481 gusseted legs supporting upper grid
  • Static Loading: 16,000 lbs. / sq. ft. (7 tonne / sq ft)
  • Expansion Joint: 6 expansion joints divided into 2 groups running perpendicular to each other
  • Locks: 32 latch locks; 2 sides 8 male parts each and 2 sides with 8 female parts.
  • Xenon ARC Weatherometer: 15,000 hrs.
  • Lays on any flat surface with no costly sub-base construction needed
Suspended Sport Courts
Interlocking Tiles
Collapsible, Permanent Courts or Removable Courts
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