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Synthetic Grass for Sports

Your SYNTECHTURF represents a significant investment of money. By following these care and maintenance
guidelines, you can help protect your investment and extend the useful life of your SYNTECHTURF

The maintenance program that accompanies the synthetic turf system installation requires the turf contractor to
maintain the synthetic turf in good working order. SYNTECHTURF has a limited warranty against poor
workmanship or product or manufacturer's defect for 3 years.

The following procedures are key in helping to preserving your turf.

1 Keep it clean
A) Dust, pollen, and airborne pollutants
Rainfall is the best cleanser. In areas where rainfall is scarce, an occasional water flash is beneficial to cleanse
the turf. For lightly soiled areas it may be necessary to sponge mop with a five (5) percent solution of low sudsing
household detergent in hot water followed by a thorough rinsing with warm water. For heavily soiled areas, repeat
procedure for lightly soiled areas follow with sponge mopping using a three (3) percent solution of household
ammonia in warm water followed by a thorough rinsing with warm water.

B) Stains and other blemishes
The first rule is promptness. It is always easier to clean up a fresh spill than one that has dried and hardened.
Remove any solid or paste-like deposit with a spatula or table knife. Blot up excess liquids with paper towel, a
clean cloth, or a dry absorbent, such as kitty litter or fuller's earth. Dry absorbents can then be swept or vacuumed
up afterwards. Do not use cleaners that contain chlorine bleaches (ph above 9) or acidic cleaner (Ph below 5)
Rinse area thoroughly with clean warm water  
C) Animal Waste, Fungus
Neutralise with mixture with white distilled vinegar in an equal amount of water Flush thoroughly with water after

2 Periodic Brushing
Matting of fibres may occur in high traffic areas especially if fibres become heavily soiled with dirt and airborne
pollutants. Periodic cross brushing of the turf can help restore the aesthetic appearance of the turf. Cross
brushing means brush again the grain or sweep the turf fibres. Fluff up the fibres, brush against the turf. A brush
with synthetic bristles should be used.

3 Do not abuse
Although SYNTECHTURF is made of tough, durable fibres, certain precaution should be taken to prevent damage
to the turf.

  • Cigarettes, fireworks and open flames should be kept away from the turf.
  • Furniture or equipment with sharp or jagged edges should not be placed on the turf as this may puncture
    or tear the turf.
  • Never leave a car parked or idling on the turf
  • Cap off or remove sprinkler head if any, water from sprinkler systems may leave mineral deposits on turf
    that may cause discolouration.

Proper care and maintenance program can enhance the aging, usefulness and aesthetics of your
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