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Key Benefits :
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SkeeterVac ® Mosquito Trap Baiting System
SkeeterVac Mosquito Trap Baiting System
The SkeeterVac ® Mosquito Trap Baiting System attracts mosquitoes using a
combination of CO2, heat, Octenol, vacuum, light and a special Flight Guide™ to catch
and kill mosquitoes.

• How the SkeeterVac Works

The SkeeterVac is the result of nearly 2-years of research and development to improve
outdoor living, by reducing the amount of biting mosquitoes. This sophisticated product
marries superior mechanical performance with the proven scientific standards to
effectively attract mosquitoes. The unit creates a plume of attractants to lure mosquitoes
to the SkeeterVac. Once close to the appliance, mosquitoes are vacuumed into a trap net
or stuck to the Tac Trap.
Propane is a key part of the functionality for the SkeeterVac. The combustion of
propane is used to supply energy to a thermal electric module which provides
electricity to the engine fans and the ON indicator light. CO2 is a known attractant to
mosquitoes, and is naturally created when propane is processed.

What makes SkeeterVac different from other systems is the ability to adjust the
Maximum Protection Baiting System. The SkeeterVac has been developed with the
proven scientific insight of knowing different mosquitoes require different formulations
of attractants. By being able to vary the level of octenol dispersed by SkeeterVac, the
consumer is able to have a more effective means of reducing the area mosquito
SkeeterVac Mosquito Trap Baiting System
Useful For
  • Outdoor Gardens and Restaurants
  • Recreational Parks & Outdoor Sporting Facilities
  • Hotels & Resorts
  • Hospital, Airport and Other Public Facilities
  • Farms and Plantations
  • Schools, Universities, Colleges, Kindergarten & Daycare Centers
Mosquito Trap Baiting System
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