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ASTRALPOOL - Sustainability
As environmental awareness grows in our society, the inclusion in our everyday lives of environment-friendly products and
services that help conserve natural resources is becoming more and more frequent. The swimming pool world is also a part of
this trend. Concepts such as energy efficiency, water conservation and the reduction of noise levels are becoming more and
more demanded by swimming pool owners and users. AstralPool provides you with a selection of proposals that will help you
look after the environment and future generations.
Thermal cover
LED lighting
Dual-speed pump
Thermal cover
Besides being a safety feature, it
achieves a saving of 65% in evaporation
water and 50% of the total water
consumed by the pool. Therefore,
including a thermal cover in a
swimming pool of 8 x 4 m represents a
saving of 30,000 litres of water a year.
LED lighting
This offers an endless number of
combinations of colours and
sequences and guarantees savings of
80% in energy consumption in
comparison with conventional
projectors, as well as 100,000 hours in
service life without the need for
Dual-speed pump
The correct use of this pump leads to
energy savings of 65%, lower noise
levels and better filtration quality.
Furthermore, it has a longer service life
than single-speed pumps.
Cyclone pre-filter
Salt electrolysis unit
Niagara Solar Shower
Cyclone pre-filter
This provides a saving of 50% in water
consumption for the filter-wash process
and a 14% saving in total water
consumption. Consequently, including
a HydroSpin cyclone pre-filter in the
swimming pool of 8 x 4 m represents a
saving of 8500 litres of water a year in
the filter-wash process alone.
Salt electrolysis unit
The salt turns into chlorine when it
comes into contact with the water using
a simple electrolysis process that then
operates inversely to recycle the
chlorine into salt again. The swimming
pool water is disinfected naturally
without the need for storing chemical
products. It saves on refill water, avoids
skin irritation and reduces the smell of
Niagara Solar Shower
Niagara Solar is a clear example of how
to strike a balance between advanced
design and sustainability. Niagara Solar
uses solar energy to heat water kept in
a water storage tank that is seamlessly
integrated in the shower’s main
Choosing a home is not always easy, since it is a decision that is to last for many years and, to a great extent, reflects our
personality. The same occurs with the choice of swimming pool. The Premium Astral Pool Signature products are the result of
the commitment to creating top-of-the-range products that are capable of satisfying the most demanding users. Innovative
products that create trends and stand out thanks to their technology and design. Signature is the AstralPool product range that
best reflects the excellence of the work in research, design and production to achieve an exclusive product. The entire
AstralPool Signature product range has a longer guarantee than usual and complies strictly with European standards.
In life, what we can see is as important as what is hidden in
the interior. Hidden from our view, but not from our senses.

The same is true of a swimming pool. A beautiful and
exquisite exterior design must be backed up with the best and
most reliable internal operation, which would be the soul of
any swimming pool: filter, pump and water treatment system.

Accordingly, AstralPool Signature offers you the Atlas filter, the
Columbia pump, the AstralPool Chlore Elite salt electrolysis
system, a set of products that complement each other to
make up the best equipment for taking care of your swimming
pool's interior health.
The interior care of a swimming pool is, without a doubt, vital.
However, to achieve optimal results on the exterior, priority
must be given to quality, functionality and durability, together
with a design that gives your swimming pool an elegant touch
of beauty and distinction.

In this way, the reliability and precision of the internal
elements of AstralPool Signature are complemented by an
exclusive range of exterior elements that make up the body of
your swimming pool: Jelly LED, Pluvium shower, Pluvium
water games, Komfortladder and Elegance ladder.
ASTRALPOOL - Convenience
Today, one of our highest values is time. Accordingly, AstralPool provides you with a full range of products that reduce the time
spent on looking after your swimming pool to a minimum. Until recently, the greatest inconvenience of having a swimming pool
was the weekly ritual of cleaning it to keep it in perfect condition. Nowadays, there are products that can reduce your swimming
pool’s maintenance requirements to a minimum so that you can spend your free time on enjoying your swim.
Automatic suction cleaners
Automatic selection valve
Salt electrolysis unit
Automatic suction cleaners
So that keeping your swimming pool
clean does not become an inconvenient
or arduous task, there are automatic
suction cleaners.

They are robots that move around the
bottom and/or walls of the swimming
pool on their own, sucking in and
automatically collecting the dirt particles
they find on their way.

Their use represents a saving of more
than 20% in water consumption for the
filter-wash process and they provide
consistent cleaning to avoid the
excessive consumption of chemical
Automatic selection valve
Thanks to its features, it is capable of
replacing traditional manual valves.

With a simple programming from the
remote control or the integrated
programmer keypad, the system
provides for the completely automatic
operation of your swimming pool to
obtain water in optimal conditions for
bathing without the need for worrying
about the filtration or filter wash
Salt electrolysis unit
The salt turns into chlorine when it
comes into contact with the water using
a simple electrolysis process that then
operates inversely to recycle the
chlorine into salt again.

The swimming pool water is disinfected
naturally without the need for storing
chemical products.

It saves on refill water, avoids skin
irritation and reduces the smell of
There are feelings that should not be reserved only for certain times of the year. With the installation of a heating system in your
pool, you will be able to enjoy a swim all year round and increase comfort simply by controlling the water temperature.
AstralPool offers you a wide variety of heating solutions to make the most of your swimming pool at any time of the day and of
the year.
Thermal cover
Heat pump
Heat exchanger
Thermal cover
When a swimming pool is heated, it is a
good idea to keep the calories as far as
possible and reduce the phenomenon
of evaporation to a minimum.

Besides acting as a safety element and
saving water, including a thermal cover
in your pool lets you reduce the power
required to heat the swimming pool by
half, as well as the consumption of
Heat pump
This is the most economic system for
heating the water of your swimming
pool, whether to extend the bathing
season or for heating it all year round.

It is a safe and silent system that is also
easy to install. All that is necessary is
an effective earth connection. In a few
hours after it has been started up, you
will be able to enjoy a pleasant swim in
warm water.

For warmer climates, heat pumps are
also supplied with the cooling option.
Heat exchanger
Swimming pool water heating system
that is easy to install and ready for
immediate use; it operates with
electrical elements or a water-water
circuit. It uses air and water as a heat
source, respectively.

Heat exchangers are responsible for
transferring the heat from the place
where it is generated (boiler, solar
panel, etc.) to the water in your
swimming pool. They produce a rapid
increase in temperature with a
reasonable level of consumption.
Dehumidifier unit
  Dehumidifier unit
This is essential for indoor swimming
pool installations where it is necessary
to control the humidity and ambient
temperature of the enclosure.

It guarantees a constant relative
humidity of between 60 and 65% and an
air temperature of 2°C higher than the
water temperature, with a maximum of

It requires no type of pipe installation
and needs only an electrical socket and
a drain.
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