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The first industrial revolution boosted the income of the many and reshaped society over decades as manual labor was displaced by
machine-based manufacturing. Factories produced items in their thousands and tens of thousands to enjoy vast economies of scale.
Today, however, personalized craftsmanship is making a comeback, thanks to 3D printing or “additive manufacturing”, in which a
three-dimensional object is built layer by layer.

3D PRINTER SDN BHD provides sales, service and maintenance for all UP 3D Printers. We are an Exclusive Authorized Distributor in
Malaysia. We provide full consultation, implementation, training and beyond.

3D Printing has come a long way over the last 2-decade. It has been made affordable - thus making it possible to print your 3D
designs into a real model at an economical cost. We provide personalized on-demand 3D printing service. Talk to us today.

What is 3D Printing?
The above products are the outcome of our UP! 3D printer. As the technology finds itself creeping into our homes, they could provide
instant items for you - for instance cutlery and cups, household hardwares, toys - indeed, almost anything of any shape.

Templates can be downloaded from websites, so that in the same way you might browse Amazon for an e-book, or a video rental
service for a film, you can choose to search for 3D templates like 'cups', then choose the design you want, and then hit print and watch
the item build itself in front of your eyes. Yes it's amazing! Find out yourself and try browse http://www.thingiverse.com/ for free
download of latest 3D objects.

As more people become well-versed at using 3D Printers, more elaborate and niche designs will come out - so for instance if you
lose the battery cover for your mobile phone, search the website and the odds are someone might have designed one for you.

Today, 3D Printers are widely used for:

  • Concept Modelling
  • Education Solutions
  • Jewelry
  • Consumer Products
  • Entertainment & Art
  • Real parts On-demand
  • or any other 3D printing requirements individually created for your specific need

Do you want to realize your ideas into real object? Talk to us today and our product specialist will guide you through our on-demand
personalized service.
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