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Power fluctuations are inevitable, that's where surge protection devices come in. Surge protectors should let only
a safe amount of electricity through, taking the excess and diverting it safely away from your valuable electrical

We offer a free on-site surge protection evaluation to help guide you through the process of protecting your critical
electrical equipment at homes or offices.  
We provide total lightning surge protection solution to all type of buildings:
  • Bungalow
  • Apartment
  • Condominium
  • Terrace House
  • Townhouse
  • Office
  • Commercial lot
  • Small Medium Size Factory
  • Warehouse
Lightning surge protection solution
Surge Protection Device (SPD):
The Surge Protection Device is a component of the electrical installation protection system. This device is connected in
parallel on the power supply circuit of the loads that it has to protect. It can also be used at all levels of the power supply
network. This is the most commonly used and most efficient type of over voltage protection.
Surge protection Device (SPD) with plug in cartridge ensure
general protection of electric equipment and protection in
common and differential mode for domestic, industrial and
commercial buildings. SPDs protect electric and electronic
equipment against transients, originating from lightning and
switching transient sources. For a residential building, SPD
serves as  "1st line of defence" when it is installed at the
main incoming power distribution board (DB).

The SPD is designed to be easily installed in power and
control panels using standard DIN-rail mounting brackets.
This series of product offers 20,000 - 100,000 amps of both
normal and common mode surge protection. The SPD is
available in single phase, split phase, three phase (3 wires)
and three phase (4 wires) configurations. Replaceable
modules allow for easy maintenance and mount directly into
the SPD base assembly, simplifying the replacement
process. The status of the surge protector modules can be
monitored through the indicator lenses or remotely through
the alarm terminals (optional features). Available as option,
the replacement cartridge allows simple replacement without
the need to cut-off the power supply, Cartridges are
available for all discharge
Surge Protection Device
currents (80kA, 60kA, 40kA, 20kA) with indicator. SPD effectively reduce the interference coupling that can occur from
transient surge voltages, even significantly below the limits prescribed by insulation co-ordination according to EN 60664-3
/ DIN VDE 0110-3. This means that the entire system is exposed to less malfunction. We offer different products for
different mains types and voltage levels. Even for photovoltaic (Solar energy systems) applications, there is a special
protection according to EN 50539-11/ VDE 0675-39-11: 2010 available.
    Category IEC / EN / VDE
    Class I, II / Type 1, 2, 3 / B + C
    Point of use
    The point of entry to the building, as close as possible to a protected device
    TT, TN
    Protection modes
    L/N, PE
    Protective elements
    SPD Class I, Class II, Class III, Surge Filter
    High Surge Discharge
    20kA / 40kA / 60kA / 80kA / 100kA
    Complies with
    IEC 61643-1
Different Type of SPDs
SPDs type 1: Where the building are fitted with lightning conductor. The Type 1 SPD is recommended in the specific case
of service-sector and industrial buildings, protected by a lightning protection system or a meshed cage. It protects electrical
installations against direct lightning strokes. It can discharge the back-current from lightning spreading from the earth
conductor to the network conductors. Type 1 SPD is characterized by a 10/350 µs current wave.
SPDs type 2: Installed at distribution board (DB) within a
building. The first gate to prevent lightning strike from
entering your house via electricity supply line. The Type 2
SPD is the main protection system for all low voltage
electrical installations. Installed in each electrical
switchboard, it prevents the spread of over voltages in the
electrical installations and protects the loads. Type 2 SPD is
characterized by an 8/20 µs current wave.
SPDs type 1
SPDs type 3: These SPDs have a low discharge capacity.
They must therefore mandatorily be installed as a
supplement to Type 2 SPD and in the vicinity of sensitive
loads. Type 3 SPD is characterized by a combination of
voltage waves (1.2/50 μs) and current waves (8/20 μs).
SPDs for CCTV or video signals: For the protection of CCTV console and connected display monitor against transient
current surge conducted via CCTV and video coaxial cable.
SPDs for telephone lines: For the protection of receiver against transient current surge conducted via telephone lines.
SPDs for telephone lines
SPDs for CATV, TV antenna: For the protection of receiver, decoder, TV, against transient current surge conducted via
CATV, aerial, antenna.
SPDs for CATV, TV antenna
SPDs for RS422/485/RS232: For the protection of
instruments connected via RS232/422/485 signal against
transient current surge. Protect your expensive equipments
and instruments within your premises. Mounted on DIN rail
and easily retrofitted into your instrument control panel.
SPDs for RS422/485/RS232
SPDs for PV (Solar energy regeneration) system: where the buildings are fitted with solar panel that use DC voltage.
SPDs for PV (Solar energy regeneration) system