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Reliable fire detection in large rooms
Thanks to the linear design with transmitter and receiver, the ARDEA is used wherever structural
situations prevent the installation of conventional point detectors or where the latter can no longer
guarantee optimal protection. The ARDEA linear detector is a high-performance detector that
detects smoke and fire fast and reliable through absorption measuring and evaluation of the
spectroscopical measured variables (frequency analysis). The monitored area can be up to 1600
m2, the monitored length 5 – 150 m. The ARDEA stands out for its simple installation, setting as
well as the little maintenance needed. The linear detector is especially suitable for large and high
rooms as e.g.:
  • Industrial plants
  • Churches
  • Warehouses, archives
  • Cinemas, theatres, conference halls etc.
Ardea ESD 515
Mode of operation
The ARDEA system consists of two units: the transmitter
of infrared light and the receiver. The transmitter sends a
beam of a focused IR light to the receiver up to 150 m
away where the signal is evaluated. In case of fire, smoke
or heat development change the infrared beam. The
optimal evaluation (receiver) of the 3 criterias light
absorption, frequency development and time related
changes allows a reliable identification of smoke or open
fire. The presence of dust or mist does not disturb the
system. A slow increase of contamination is corrected to
a certain degree. When the limit is exceeded (e.g. slowly
smouldering fire) an alarm is triggered.
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