« FireVision - Using video monitoring to detect fires early on »
Rely on the eagle eyes of our automatic image analysis
The sooner a fire is detected, the less damage it can
cause. Indeed, prompt fire detection is crucial when it
comes to protecting people’s health and property. With
FireVision Securiton offers a solution which detects fires
quickly and reliably at the earliest possible stage, with
sharp and unwavering eyes. The automatic image
analysis verifies image after image several times a
second – without ever tiring.
With its precise event detection FireVision ensures that any potential sources of hazard are
continuously monitored, especially in large buildings and premises that cover a large area. The
system permanently evaluates the images received from the surveillance cameras. Even if only the
merest traces of smoke or fire are detected, it automatically triggers an alarm and switches the
video sequences through to the surveillance monitors. The emergency services are immediately
given a precise picture of the situation, enabling lightning-quick, targeted interventions.
FireVision provides:
  • shorter detection times than conventional systems
  • maximum possible damage limitation in the event
  • quick alarm verification using automatic image connection
  • simple, cost-effective integration of existing video monitoring systems
  • reliable operation even under difficult conditions
FireVision begins where other systems are forced to give up
Dust, heat or soot can seriously affect the operation of
traditional fire detection systems. And yet it is precisely in
the sort of environments characterised by high emissions
of such elements that the outbreak of a fire can have
disastrous consequences: tunnels, production facilities,
workshops, ships, etc. FireVision continues to operate
perfectly even under difficult conditions. Given that it
monitors the potential sources of hazards by visual
means, the system is practically immune to these
disruptive elements. And because it scrutinises the
images from the surveillance cameras separately for
smoke or fire, it provides twice the level of detection
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