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« SecuriFire 500 – fire detection system with state-of-the-art IP technology and innovative
remote control options »
Premium fire protection for small businesses and unmanned premises
The SecuriFire 500 fire detection system offers great performance at a fair price. It uses the same
high-tech components that are fitted to other systems in the SecuriFire series of products. Only its
dimensions are different, adapted to the requirements of smaller businesses: hotels, restaurants,
guest houses, shopping malls and leisure centres, retirement homes and individual family homes
are as reliably protected against fire risks as are unmanned systems and installations.
Easy to use in everyday life
The fire detection system is so simple to
operate you are certain to adopt the intuitively
correct response even in situations of stress.
All the system states are indicated in plain text
on a clearly structured 5.7” TFT colour display.
The SecuriWheel rotating wheel offers a user-
friendly way to navigate through the operating
SecuriFire 500
Remote operation eliminates unnecessary trips to the premises
No matter where you happen to be, your fire detection system ensures you have the situation
under control. Messages from the system are routed to your mobile terminal via secure channels
and displayed on the true replica of the indication and control map. You then simply respond with
a few taps of your fingers, without having to be present on site: ideal for monitoring unmanned
technical facilities or holiday homes.
System design: control panel and addressable loop for up to 250 devices
Connected to the compact SecuriFire 500 detector control panel is the SecuriLine eXtended. This
addressable loop – up to 3500 m long – connects a maximum of 250 detection and alarming
devices with the control panel. The instant a detector detects that a fire has broken out, the
control panel immediately sends an alarm signal to the emergency services if required; on site it
triggers a visual and an audible alarm.
A lastingly good investment
SecuriFire 500 integrates most of the existing generations of detectors as well as all the future
ones, securing your investment in the long term. The fire detection system complies with all the
relevant norms stipulated by insurance companies and the authorities, ensuring that in the event
of a fire claim you’re on the safe side financially, too.
SecuriFire 500 – a great performance at a fair price:
  • Lightning-fast detection of incipient fires
  • Easy to operate on site and remotely
  • Quick and easy to configure and program
  • Data transmission using state-of-the-art IP technology
  • Interface for connection to the fire services
  • VdS approval in compliance with EN 54-2, EN 54-4 and EN 54-13; complies with all Cantonal
    Fire Insurance Union and SES norms
  • Compatible with existing and future generations of detectors