Comes with water-resistant, 100% acrylic fabric mounted on a frame, which is shaped and welded according to reasonable
requirements. The frame of the canopy is usually fabricated from mild steel and coated with rust resistant paint. Although
canopies serve functions of shade and shelter, they are usually good for decorative purpose too due to their flexibility in
shapes. A popular shade for window or door-way and also front of boutique or restaurant for signage purpose.
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Retractable Awning
A retractable awning is basically made up of the aluminum structure which forms the skeleton of the system, the 100%
acrylic canvas which forms the body and other mechanism that contributes to the working of the system as a whole. This
type of shade can be drawn back to a compact position or extended for coverage as and when desired. Highly adaptable
to heavy-duty usage, thanks to the upper retractable arm profile that comes up to 80mm x 40mm and lower arm profile of
60.4mm x 30.4mm. Due to this quality in strength, the awning can safely go up to as big as 36m in length and maximum 5m
in projection. Powder-coated systems are available on request.
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