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ALLURE Resilient Flooring
Natural wood flooring looks and feel
100% waterproof *
100% against termite attack
100% guarantee against chip or crack
Suitable for most sub-floor surfaces and conditions
Extremely easy installation
No under-laying materials required
No glue required
No skirting and profile required
Minimal wastage on installation
Extremely quiet walking on them
Scratch and household chemical resistant
Soft and comfortable underfoot
Easy maintenance and replacement
ALLURE GRIPSTRIP - Has never been this easy to install, and has never looked this realistic!
Allure’s ease of installation is due to the patented GripStrip system. This high tensile system ensures
no gapping, and has allowed Allure to become WORLD’s first vinyl plank that is installed as a floating
floor. This avoids the need for messy glues, and unlike timber and laminate floors, there is no need
for sawing or underlay just simply slice with a knife and install!

Allure GripStrip features a unique interlocking edge design for simple installation. Simply lay
oevrlapping GripStrip of one plank on adjacent plank and press together...No other adhensive

Minimal trimming involved, Just score and snap!

Install an entire floor cleanly, easily in just a few hour
The structure of the allure GripStrip
The structure of the allure GripStrip ALLURE Resilient Flooring
ALLURE Resilient Flooring
We are pleased to present you the video for ALLURE GRIPSTRIP
ALLURE Resilient Flooring
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