FGV303 - 7 Panel Contemporary Flush Interior/Exterior American Cherry Door
The FGV303 features a modern 7 panel flush design with 2mm groove lines routered into the MDF faces along the
joint lines of the horizontal woodgrain veneers. This contemporary design lets you bring out the beauty of your
modern entryway.

The Sandor FGV series are a collection of modern flush doors which answer to the need for designing modern
interiors where a significant role is played by its wide design of grooves and lines. Models of this collection feature
diverse veneer colors, interesting woodgrain direction, strong linear groovy designs, metal inserts and interesting
glazing options. It is for those who which to make their property stand out with exceptional attractive and modern
styles of interior arrangement. Each door has precision routered grooves that would definitely make a bold
statement to any home and office spaces.

  • Flush and smooth surface, perfect for painting and decorating.
  • Doors available in 35mm, 38mm, 40mm, 45mm or 50mm thicknesses.
  • Wide selection of designs and sizes are available.
  • Modern minimalistic flush design.
  • Stiles and rails construction is made of environmentally friendly material reflecting Sandor’s commitment
    to environmental excellence.
Application / Uses
This door design can be used as a interior door and exterior door. For best results, use the solid wood core construction for exterior door
purposes. This will enhance its water resistance.

Available Wood Types for this Door
  Core Construction Details
This door is available in 2 different construction materials
  • African Macore
  • African Okume
  • African Sapele
  • American Cherry
  • American Hard Maple
  • American Knotty Alder
  • American Macore
  • American Maple
  • American Red Oak
  • American Walnut
  • American White Oak
  • American White Poplar
  • European Steamed Beech
  • Malaysian Meranti
  • Malaysian Nyatoh
  • Reconstituted Teak
  • Reconstituted Wenge
Core Type A
Core Type B

There are 3 finishing options for this door:

  • Polyurethane(PU) Lacquer
  • Acid Curing(AC) Lacquer
  • Nitrocellulose(NC) Lacquer
This door is paintable and stainable.
Core Type A
Stiles & Rails with
Core Type B
Stiles & Rails with
Laminated Woodcore

Fire Rating
This door is rated FD30
Optional Metal Inserts
For this door, we offer different types of metal inserts as a substitute to the “V” groove lines. These “add-on options” enables you to enhance the
aesthetic beauty to any modern entryway.

Here are the metal insert options:
Metal Inserts
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