Operation of the VORSEP Scrubber
The VORSEP Scrubber is a gas/liquid reactor. Polluted gases enter a preliminary separation section where
the coarse particles are deposited on the wall.

Next the gases, with the scrubbing media, are injected through a guidance vane rosette to form a rotating,
centrifugal stabilized two-phase layer. The high centrifugal acceleration leads to the formation of very small
bubbles, thus serving as a very efficient filter for the less 10-micron particle size range. This stable
“bubbly/frothy” layer enhances renewed liquid gas contact area. This is a region of extreme micro turbulence
with high rates of liquid-gas heat and mass transfer.

The liquid separator section removes droplets from the filtered gas before it passes through the fan.
Wastewater flows to the reservoir for re-circulation, provided by the pump.

As more small droplets are formed compared with a venturi scrubber for the same pressure drop, the
VORSEP gas liquid reactor offers greater scrubbing efficiencies.
Unique Advantages of the VORSEP Scrubbers
  • Performance superior to conventional control equipment with equivalent or lower energy input.
  • Allows versatility and flexibility, easily retrofitted to existing plants layouts.
  • Recovery and recirculation systems easily incorporated into design.
  • Can be installed during normal downtime schedule.
  • Low liquid usage results in lower effluent treatment costs
  • Low fan speed extends motor and bearing life and reduces abrasion.
  • Erosion and plug-resistant nozzles reduce and eliminate scrubber downtime.
  • Cost-effective in terms of energy requirements, water consumption and water treatment equipment.
Typical Application of the VORSEP VORTEX Scrubbers
  • High temperature systems
  • High dust loads
  • Low emission requirements
  • Abrasive dust
  • One, two or three phase pollutants
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