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Eposlab® is our very own researched and produced
artifical stones inspired by our love for mother
nature. It is a new compound that supercedes
natural resources without compromising the beauty
and quality of similar materials such as solid marble
and granite tops. We call it a 'Green Product'
because you are able to achieve natural beauty
® Eposlab® without mining, blasting or
damaging the environment. It is the one product
that enhances the quality of artificial stones in the
industry, a unique product that we have created
and currently undergoing the Patent Registration.
Proven to be resistant to heat, chemical, stain and bacteria YAXIS® Eposlab® is deemed
suitable for kitchen counter-tops, bathroom vanity counter-tops, catering tables, reception
desks, bars, wall cladding, display counters, science laboratory counter-tops, flooring
materials, shelves. Its easy maintenance is a key advantage as users can save from
detergent or stain removal purchases. YAXIS® Eposlab® can be easily maintained with soap
water (for stains) and sandpapers (for scratches or chips) restoring it to its original condition
in no time!

YAXIS® Eposlab®& is made from special resin, pure alumina trihydrate (ATH) and other
natural minerals. This unique cross-link structure caused it to be lower in water absorption.
The material itself is also 20% lighter compared to other artificial stones - making it easier for
transportation, fabrication and installation work. Furthermore, YAXIS® Eposlab® comes in
various colours and designs that can easily complement your personal style and interior.

To top it up, YAXIS® Eposlab®  is the only green product that is recyclable. It can be crushed
and reproduced into new sheets of YAXIS® Eposlab®  to create even more exciting colours
and designs for your personal taste. During the production, YAXIS® Eposlab® generates low
exotherms and emits relatively low carbon dioxide, thus protecting the mother nature in the
process. Check out our YAXIS® Eposlab® collection now!

Why chooseYAXIS® Eposlab® ?

  • It is highly resistant towards heat, chemical, stain and bacteria.
  • It weighs 20% lighter than other artificial stones.
  • It's thermoformable and durable.
  • It's non-toxic and non-porous.
  • It's recyclable and environment-friendly.
Specifications of YAXIS® Eposlab®

Most of our YAXIS® Eposlab® comes in a standard size of 762mm x 3048mm with a thickness of 12mm, which can be
customised according to design upon the installation process. However, customisation of colours would require a minimum
quantity order. Kindly refer to the specifications of YAXIS® Eposlab® below.
Standard Size
762mm x 3048mm (12mm thickness)
*Sizes can be customised according to design upon installation
Standard colours as presented in our catalogue and website. Customisation of
colours available based on a minimum quantity order.
Available finishing options:
  • Matte (up to #400 grit sandpaper is required)
  • Semi Gloss (up to #600 - #800 grit sandpaper is required)
  • Gloss (up to #1000 - #1500 grit sandpaper is required)
Achievable at temperature of 80°C - 120°C.
Joint Adhesive
Provided upon purchase of YAXIS® Eposlab®
  • 10-year limited warranty
  • Free one-time polish during the first 18 months after installation
YAXIS® Eposlab® Material – Certified and Test
Proven by SIRIM Malaysia -Report No.: PTC/ER10/381
Test Method
Specific Gravity
1.345 ± 0.01
ASTM D 792
Izod Impact Strength
(notched), J/m
14.0 ± 0.5#
ASTM D 256
Pendulum: 2 Joule
Tensile Strength, MPa
17.6 ± 1.6
ASTM D 638
Crosshead speed:5 mm/minute
Initial gauge length: 50 mm
Specimens: Dumbbell Type I
Elongation at Break,%
0.35 ± 0.04
Tensile Modulus, MPa
5,190 ± 180
Flexural Strength, MPa
35.3 ± 2.1
ASTM D 790
Crosshead speed: 5.3mm /minute.
Support Span: 200 mm
Flexural Modulus, MPa
4,970 ± 39
Water Absorption (24 hour
immersion), %
0.03 ± 0.0
ASTM D 570
Rockwell Hardness
47 ± 4
ASTM D 785
Barcol Hardness
ASTM D 2583
Heat Deformation
Temperature, ºC
  • Stress : 0.45 MPa
  • Stress : 1.8 MPa

73 ± 0
69 ± 0.1
ASTM D 648
Heating Rate : 120ºC/hour
Coefficient Linear of
Thermal Expansion
(CLTE) x 10ˉ5 mm/mm/ºC
ASTM D 831
Temperature Range: 25 to 200

Heating Rate : 5
Chemical Resistance
No surface defects by all the chemicals were observed

Company’s specification:
The test specimens were immersed for 24 hours in the below indicated chemicals
Mineral acids, weak ( 3 % Acetic Acid)
Mineral acids, strong (3% HCL)
Oxidizing acid concentrated (3% Nitric Acid)
Alkalies, weak (3% Ammonium solution)
Alkalies, strong (Calcium Hydroxide)
Alcohol (Methanol)
Ketones (Methly Kethyl Ketones)
Ester (Butylacrylate)
Hydrocarbon, aliphatic (Cyclohexane)
Hydrocarbon, aromatic (Toluene)
Oils (Cooking oil)

Upon completion of test, the surface of test specimens were checked for any
Point impact
No sign of fracture was observed
when a polished  steel ball of 1 ½
inches in diameter was dropped from
a height of 610mm on each of four
different areas on the test specimen
ICPA-SS-1 Clause 4.1
The unit shall not show any cracks or
chips after inking
Knife Drop
No sign of cracks or fractures were
ANSI Z124.
The unit shall not show any cracks or
fractures. Any damage shall not extend
through the surface finish and shall be
restorable to approximate the original
finish by using abrasives and polishing
Skillet Drop
No sign of cracks or fractures were
observed (Comply)
ANSI Z124.
The unit shall not show any cracks or
Cigarette Burn
Non-ignition. No Damage was
observed. (Comply)
ANSI Z124.6.5.4
There shall be no ignition or progressive
glow of the surface during or after
contacted with the lighted cigarette.
Heated pan
No cracking, crazing, discolouration
or blistering were observed (Comply)
∆E = 0.7
ANSI Z124.6.5.6
There shall be no cracking, crazing,
discolouration or blistering. Any
discolouration shall be removable using
abrasives and polishing compound to
approximate the original finish and
The average colour difference (∆E) shall
be no more than ± 2 CIE units
Chemical Resistance
Concentrated Hydrochloric Acid
20% (v/v) Hydrochloric Acid

Concentrated Nitric Acid
85% (v/v) Phosphoric Acid
17% (v/v) Phosphoric Acid
30% (m/v) Potassium Hydroxide

The surface finish were unaffected
by all the chemicals (Comply)
ANSI Z124.6.5.4
The surface finish shall be unaffected by
the reagents except for superficial surface
change which are removable by sanding
with 600 grit wet or dry sandpaper and
water. Any resulting damage shall not
impair the serviceability of the unit and
shall be easily repairable by using
abrasive and polishing compounds to
approximate the original finish.