EleMatic Air Dryer
EleMatic Air Dryer
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EleMatic Air Dryer
  • The main function of refrigerated type compressed air dryers is to remove the moisture in
    compressed air,lowering the compressed air temperature to 1.6oC at dew point temperature by
    air to refrigerant heat exchanger (refrigeration evaporator), and then, most of the water vapor
    condenses into liquid droplets which are separated out of the air stream by a separator and
    condensed liquid is discharged to out of the unit by auto drain, then finishing the whole drying
  • If all conditions are normal, it just has about 0.59 g/m3 water vapor in dry compressed air, and its
    percentage of water removed can reach 93%

  • Primary voltage : 240/415V
  • Secondary no-load voltage : 60V
  • Rated working voltage : 30V
  • Welding current regulated range : 50-250A
  • Rated duty cycle : 20%
  • Number of phase : 1
  • Frequency : 50Hz
  • Rated input capacity : 17KVA
  • Suitable Rod Diameter : 2-5mm
  • Efficiency : 84%
  • Power factor : 0.54
  • Dielectric rank : F
  • Weight : 56kg
  • Overall dimension : 480 x 310 x 480mm
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