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Cifarelli Silent Blower
Cifarelli Silent Blower

BL6S blower has been created after a long research work to grant to
professional operators a proper product which suits their needs.

It has been studied to work in areas as courtyards of apartment building,
making less noise than with traditional equipments or to operate in all
areas where the sound impact has to be reduced at minimum (golf,
clubs, holiday villages, hotels, spaces with many inhabitants).

Also the evolved hobbyists that need a silenced machine to obtain a low
sound impact will find in our BL6S the correct equipment to satisfy their

We have focused our attention on the high air volume in order to offer you
a good working speed.

The patented air circulation system prevents losses due to cooling and
offers high air volumes even when this very silent equipment is running
at minimum. This makes blower ideal for working in cities at night or
early morning without disturbing.
The innovative outlet system also allows the blower to be used in crowds
without causing unpleasant air currents.
There are many innovations: touch them with your hands!

Try the silence of our BL6S, you will not believe your ears.
The first aim of our research was to produce a silent machine and test
data place it at the top of its category.

Our second aim was the volume and the performance levels are among
the best ones in the field. The patented fan optimizes yield giving the
best possible ratio between noise level and powerful.

An innovative air outlet system is designed to lessen operator stress,
with a large padded back panel and wide padded shoulder straps,
adjustable handle and very low vibrations. All designed for prolonged
professional use of the machine.
Great Autonomy
An easy to use machine designed for professionals must also offer
great autonomy.

Supplied with two throws to adapt air exit to all conditions.

Technical Features

Engine           : Cifarelli C5 2 strokes
Displacement : 52 cc  
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