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Yun Loong's Mechanical Workshop provides experienced repair services for a variety of mechanical equipment, including electric motors,
centrifuges, fans and blowers, hoists, pumps, compressors, gear boxes, electronics and hydraulics. Our services include:
  • Inspection  
  • Repair and Refurbishment
  • Upgrades  
  • Parts Manufacturing
  • Dynamic Balancing
  • Laser Alignment
  • Thermographic Imaging and Surveys
  • Vibration Analysis and Troubleshooting
  • On-site Balancing
  • Condition Monitoring
  • Machining, Welding and Fabrication
     Dynamic Balancing
We have the technical excellence and state-of-art technology caters for the following markets:
Excessive vibration in rotating machines can cause unacceptable
levels of noise and also reduce the life of shaft bearings and
related machine components. Unbalanced rotating part can also
cause unexpected dangerous vibration and often resulting in
machine failure and expensive downtime.

We utilize the latest computer technology to detect vibration and
pinpoint the imbalance spot on the machines.
Dynamic Balancing
     Laser Alignment
Laser Alignment provides the benefits include:
  • Corrects misaligned couplings
  • Reduces bearing and seal damage
  • Minimizes energy source loss
  • Cut down production downtime
  • Lower operating costs
  • Improve equipment reliability and safety
Laser Alignment
     Thermographic Imaging and Surveys
  • Locates temperature differences
  • Identify problems on:
     - Electrical control panels
     - Electric motor and generator
     - Electronic device and instrument
     - Mechanical and power equipment
     - Production processes
  • Identifies problems before equipments become faults
Thermographic Imaging and Surveys
     Vibration Analysis
  • Periodic data collections
  • Fully computerized data collection and analysis
  • Plot results and predict time to failure
  • Prevent costly catastrophic failure of rotating equipment
     On-Site Balancing
We offer on-site balancing services. Modern instruments such as
vibration analyzer, portable balancer and data collector provide
accurate information to assist in the site balancing process.

  • Increase bearing life
  • Reduces power consumption
  • Optimizes machine conditions
On-Site Balancing
     Condition Monitoring
Condition Monitoring is used to reduce maintenance costs while
increase the production uptime. Machine based monitoring can
avoid catastrophic failure and emergency repair. We offer these
condition monitoring services:
  • On-site balancing and vibration analysis
  • Infrared thermographic imaging and surveys/ inspections
  • Laser shaft alignment
     Machining, Welding and Fabrication
We do repair, reclamation and rebuilding of worn components, we also offer welding and fabrication services. There is an in-house
capability in drilling, milling, shaping and grinding.
Mechanical Repair Services in Malaysia, repairing all electrical and mechanical equipment
serving all industries. Repair and rebuilding services are available in-house or on-site.